About Empire Hacking

Since we started the meetup in May 2015, we’ve been thrilled by the community that it has attracted. We’ve had some excellent presentations, shared our aspirations and annoyances with our work, and made some new friends.

Empire Hacking has been successful because it is:

Speak at a Meetup

Want to speak at a meetup? Send us a short abstract. We’re particularly interested in software security, cryptography, and new tools, as well as emerging security issues in law, policy, and journalism.

Host a Meetup

Hosts can pitch their company at the start of the meetup, are listed on our sponsors page, and receive a framed print of our logo as a thank you. Contact us if you’re interested in hosting a meetup.

Ideal hosts have:

Join us on Slack

We created a Slack organization for our members. That’s where we discuss meetups, the latest security news, and our open-source projects. Everyone is welcome. Join through our auto-inviter.